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Ambulatory Integration Concepts:
One of the most significant challenges of healthcare integration is connecting the myriad of systems that support the various entities involved. Systems can include EHR, HIS, PACS, RIS, scheduling, billing, accounting, practice management, purchasing and more. It is critical to facilitate the secure exchange of patient information across systems to improve the patient experience and clinical results. In addition, it is equally as important to access business data from the numerous sources to track and measure results as well as manage the practice. Ambulatory Integration Concepts will:

  • Complete systems and network topologies to map the interaction of all existing systems supporting the practice(s)
  • Identify metrics to support optimal process and workflows
  • Select the correct complement of systems to support workflows, minimize manual processes and maximize efficiencies
  • Map data fields to fully integrate the database(s)
  • Implement a robust systems solution

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