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Ambulatory Integration Concepts:
Ambulatory Integration Concepts has developed a proven, repeatable process for ambulatory integration that is so unique that it is currently patent pending. This process is driven by strategy and best practices from throughout the industry and was developed during the integration of more than $2 billion in acquired assets by the Ambulatory Integration Concepts team.

The integration process begins by developing a comprehensive strategy that is guided by the objectives that initiated the transaction. Ambulatory Integration Concepts conducts an in-depth analysis and inventory of assets included in the transaction, such as facility, equipment and other resources, as well as requirements such as credentialing, payer contracts and billing strategies.  The company then uses this information to help clients establish objectives for the integrated entity.

Based upon this strategy, Ambulatory Integration Concepts develops an integration plan focused on four major components:  IT systems and metrics; processes and workflow; human resources and culture; and network infrastructure. Not only is it important to address each of these components, but it is equally critical to coordinate efforts to ensure comprehensive and cohesive results.

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