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Providing physicians and other clinical personnel access to a complete patient medical record is one of the most valuable potential outcomes of any ambulatory transaction. When patients visit a medical practice affiliated with a healthcare system, they want that practice to have full access to their health records. From a patient perspective, this access to information is probably the most compelling result of ambulatory transactions and critical to enhancing the quality of care. Ambulatory Integration Concepts aggregates and integrates data sources and software platforms as part of its process to ensure information is readily available to clinicians.

An additional benefit of consolidation is the ability to share best practices across the larger organization. Ambulatory Integration Concepts can help clinicians throughout a network share ideas and identify best clinical practices.

The ability for clinicians throughout the continuum of care to have better access to patient information and clinical best practices not only adds convenience to the patient encounter, but it is also critical to providing coordinated care to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

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