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Ambulatory Integration Concepts uses its patent-pending process to manage all aspects of integration activities and help healthcare organizations achieve optimal results. This unique business process is designed to minimize the amount of time and cost involved with ambulatory integration activities while maximizing return on investment as well as delivery of patient care.

Hospitals and healthcare systems that seek to simply impose their existing processes, IT systems and HR policies onto an acquisition find that operating a hospital and an ambulatory practice are quite different. Organizations that do not effectively integrate their acquisition(s) are faced with a host of problems:

•  Revenues decrease or take longer to collect
•  Costs creep upward
•  Quality of care is negatively affected
•  Key physicians and other personnel depart

Ambulatory Integration Concepts takes a turnkey approach, bringing in top talent with extensive experience; a proven, proprietary process; and best practices from across the industry. The result offers the benefits envisioned when the transaction was conceived – better revenues, better services, and better care for patients.

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