Ambulatory Integration Concepts optimizes the financial and operational results of ambulatory transactions using a patent-pending process to align and deliver turnkey integration services. This yields substantial financial benefits to the acquiring organization while also resulting in more effective care for patients.


Consolidation is a significant factor in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, and many health systems are looking to expand their presence through ambulatory practices.  Achieving success after acquiring an ambulatory practice requires more than changing the name on the door. Do you have the internal resources to develop a strategy and implement a comprehensive and successful integration?

Creating Value

Utilizing our experience and expertise Ambulatory Integration Concepts focuses on:
Optimizing revenue
Reducing costs
Enhancing quality
Increasing retention
Let us help you optimize your financial returns and patient satisfaction.

Our Approach

We leave nothing to chance. By relying on our patent-pending process we ensure systematic results in all aspects of ambulatory integration:
IT systems
Process and workflow
HR and culture
Network infrastructure